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iCare Urgent Care in Argyle is proud to offer articles on the latest health news and some of the most searched health topics from common ailments to covid 19. Stay up to date and stay healthy!

What is a low grade fever? When should you worry?

What is a low-grade fever? A low-grade fever is a body temperature of between 100.4 and 102 degrees Fahrenheit (38 to 38.9 Celsius). A low-grade fever can be indicative of various illnesses such as the flu, strep throat, or a sinus infection. There are varied degrees of severity when it comes to a fever, and we don't recommend leaving it to chance. In this article, we will explain how to identify a low-grade fever (without just a thermometer), what [...]

How you can properly Identify a Sign of Infection.

Infection cases in the United States are increasing due to the pandemic. Knowing the signs of infection is important in order to seek medical attention promptly and ensure you are on top of your own health. The sign of Infection can vary depending on what type of infection you may have. In this article, we will share the common types of infections, how to identify them and when to seek care from iCare Argyle Urgent Care.What is an infection?An [...]

12 tips on how to not get sick for the holidays!

12 tips on how to not get sick for the holidays!The Secrets to Never Getting Sick, during the Holiday SeasonThe holidays are a special time of year, filled with family gatherings, fun activities, and delicious food. But it’s also a time when germs are more likely to spread—and that means you could be at risk of getting sick. Here are 12 tips to help you keep healthy throughout the holiday season, but first, let's understand what generally causes us [...]

How do you know when you need stitches?

How do you know when you need stitches? The severity of a cut is the main factor to consider when determining if stitches are needed. If the cut appears deep and long, or bleeding does not stop after 15 minutes of applying pressure, these may signal that stitches are necessary. Signs of infection such as redness, swelling, and discharge from the wound can also indicate you need to seek medical attention for the cut.If you think you may need [...]

How to tell if you have a concussion?

What happens in a Concussion?A concussion is a type of brain injury caused by a blow to the head or body. When the head or body suffers a sudden jolt, it can cause the brain to bounce off the skull, resulting in damage to the nerve cells and blood vessels. This creates an energy crisis within the brain that can lead to long-term effects such as memory problems, difficulty concentrating, and emotional changes.Concussions and Head InjuriesThe most common sign [...]

What are heart palpitations?

What are Heart Palpitations? Heart palpitations are a feeling of rapid, pounding, or racing heartbeats that can sometimes be uncomfortable and cause feelings of shortness of breath or lightheadedness. They may also feel like your chest is tightening up or fluttering. Heart palpitations are usually harmless and often go away on their own, but if they occur frequently or are accompanied by other symptoms, such as chest pain or dizziness, you should seek medical attention.What does a heart palpitation [...]

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