While lesions can be uncomfortable and inconvenient regardless of where they emerge, conditions that affect the eyes can be that much more painful and difficult to deal with. Among the many infections that could impact the eyes, pink eye and styes tend to be the most common. Sometimes confused for one another, both of these issues can cause similar symptoms to emerge, such as redness, inflammation, and itching or a rough, gritty feeling in the eye. The best way to tell pink eye apart from a stye is to take into account the appearance of the sclera (the white portion of the eye). If the sclera is bright pink or red in color, you may have pink eye. Meanwhile, if your eyelids are swollen, but your sclera is still mostly white, you are likely suffering from a stye.

In order to have your condition accurately diagnosed, it’s important to seek medical guidance anytime you notice something abnormal with your eyes, whether it’s seemingly less urgent (like excess tearing or puffiness) or something more uncomfortable (such as pain or pus leakage). At Argyle Urgent Care in, our  treatment specialists are capable of distinguishing these two infections from each other and providing patients of all ages with the care they need to restore their comfort and achieve relief.


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Visited this facility with my daughter as an Urgent Care visit on 10/20/20. Check-in was quick and efficient. Both the nurse (Katie) and physician (Dr. Kipp) were friendly and welcoming and made my daughter feel at ease. The care was not rushed and the facility was clean and comfortable. I would highly recommend this facility to family and friends.

Shannon S. - GOOGLE
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Excellent care that gives the small down vibe. When I went here for a horrible ear infection I liked how they were little bit away from Denton but right off Country Club Road. They were very helpful even when I had to call back and bug them with some insurance information.

T. George - GOOGLE
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I came in at 1 am in quite a bit of discomfort and pain. The front desk staff was friendly and they took me back very quickly. Nurse was very friendly and caring. The doctor was thorough.
Clean and well run office! I work in the medical field and I liked what I saw and experienced. I won’t hesitate to return if needed.

Stephanie K. - GOOGLE